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Arnold, Kathy Account Executive 414-298-4144
Benishek, Mark AEF Technical Director 414-298-4118
Bernhard, William Technical & Safety Services Manager 414-298-4106
Biernat, Nick Global Business Development Intern 414-298-4651
Bukovic, Mary Director, Meetings & Events 414-298-4173
Burton, Nathan Technical & Safety Services Manager 414-298-4126
Buzecky, Larry Vice President, Business Intelligence & Strategy 414-298-4115
Carson, Debbie Statistics Manager 414-298-4146
Cervero, Al Vice President, Construction, Mining & Utility 414-298-4125
Colby, Megan Information Technology Manager 414-298-4165
Coutlee, Julie Administrative Assistant 414-298-4109
Dunlap, Joe Market Access Pathway Manager 414-298-4740
Duyck, Benjamin Director, Market Intelligence 414-298-4154
Edwards, Ken Senior Advisor, Contracts & Quality Assurance 414-298-4158
Erickson, Lori Accounts Recivable Coordinator 414-298-4148
Flemming, Paul Senior Account Executive 414-298-4150
Forristall Luke, Anne Vice President, Political & Public Affairs 202-898-9005
Gaus, Judy Vice President, Human Resources & Administrative Affairs 414-298-4137
Hahn, Aaron ASP.NET Developer 414-298-4121
Hallada, Nicole Chief Marketing Director 414-298-4129
Hoffmann, Robert Event Technology Manager 414-298-4105
Hogan, Terry Promotion Coordinator 414-298-4116
Horner, Helen Education Program Manager 414-298-4179
Huerta, Arnold Director, Global Business Development 414-298-4119
Jefferson, Rich Senior Director, Public Relations 414-298-4122
Kelly, Michael Director, International and Tradeshow Accounting 414-298-4141
Kerr, Wendy Office Coordinator 202-898-9064
Kettlewell, Rebecca Event Services Manager 414-298-4136
Klim, Bobbi Event Services Coordinator 414-298-4176
Knutson, Jennifer Web Manager 414-298-4101
Lebiecki, Maxx Sales Coordinator 414-298-4138
Li, Kaien Director, Asia Exhibitions & Operations 414-298-4124
Lopez, Jennifer Director, Accounting 414-298-4169
Lynch, Valerie Accounts Payable Coordinator 414-298-4175
Magestro, Melissa Senior Director, Exhibitions 414-298-4145
Mains, Howard Canada Consultant, Public Policy 613-566-4568
Malek, Paul Director, Membership 414-298-4153
Mallett, Tricia Event Services Manager 414-298-4156
McClanahan, Sarah Attendee & Exhibitor Experience Specialist 414-298-4667
Miglautsch, Megan Latin America Marketing Manager 414-298-4132
Miller, Sarah Statistics Coordinator 414-298-4133
Monroe, Pat Public Relations Manager 414-298-4123
Moss, Dan Technical Standards & Safety Services Consultant 708-217-8201
Nieskes, Allison Administrative Assistant 414-298-4113
O'Brien, Charlie Senior Vice President 414-298-4157
O'Brien, Michael Public Affairs Manager 202-898-9007
Pankonin, Mike Senior Director, Technical & Safety Services 414-298-4128
Perlberg, Dean Director, Information Technology 414-298-4134
Peters, Renee Chief Financial Officer 414-298-4120
Peterson, Jessica Account Executive 414-298-4160
Plazek, Jennifer International Marketing Coordinator 414-298-4167
Prausa, Rich Show Manager & Event Services 414-298-4161
Puissegur, Paul CONEXPO Latin America Show Manager 54-11-4822-4645
Radlinger, Vanessa Global Business Development Assistant 414-298-4103
Ratzlaff, Tara Email Marketing Specialist 414-298-4742
Riesch, Lydia Program Coordinator - REACH 414-298-4102
Roberts, Caroline Event Services Manager 414-298-4143
Rozum, John Show Manager & Attendee Acquisition 414-274-0647
Russ, Alexander Director, International and Regulatory Affairs 202-898-9006
Sanford, Michelle Director, Event Operations 414-298-4139
Schmitz, Lynda Event Services Coordinator 414-298-4166
Schoof, Trisha Public Affairs Coordinator 414-298-4131
Sennett, Anita Director, Agriculture Product Management 414-298-4174
Seno, Mark ASP.NET Developer 414-298-4142
Slater, Dennis President 414-298-4140
Somers, John Director, Product Management - Construction, Mining & Utility 414-298-4172
Sova, Wanda Executive Assistant 414-298-4168
Spear, Zenia Event Services Coordinator 414-298-4162
Sprietsma, Rex Senior Director, Statistics and Market Information 414-298-4147
Suhm, Steve Marketing Manager 414-298-4171
Sun, Helen Exhibits Manager 011-86-10-85191566
Suter, Sharon Accounting Assistant 414-298-4741
Tanel, Megan Vice President, Exhibitions & Events 414-298-4117
Tang, Anna Market Information and Financial Coordinator 011-86-10-85191566
Tindall, Nick Director, Government Affairs 202-898-9067
Truesdale Mooney, Sara Senior Director, Exhibitions and Strategy 414-298-4130
Vilma-Diaz, Karen International Marketing Intern 414-274-0657
Vos, James Safety Materials Manager 414-298-4135
Voss, Brian Member Services Coordinator 414-298-4108
Wagner, John Director, Materials Management 414-298-4164
Waldschmidt, Jordanne Public Relations Coordinator 414-298-4152
Wang, Amy Technical & Safety Manager 011-86-10-85191566
Weber, Mike Technical & Safety Services Manager 414-298-4149
Weller, Angela Event Services Manager 414-298-4159
Wessel, Stacy Marketing Operations Manager 414-298-4114
Westerman, Marieke Marketing Communications Manager 414-298-4110
Wisniewski, Sarah Marketing Coordinator 414-298-4104
Wood, Kate Campaign Director, Infrastructure Vision 2050 202-898-9066
Wuesthoff, Dana Director, Event Technology & Services 414-298-4163
Yaksich, Nick Vice President, Government & Industry Relations 202-898-9065
Zabrowski, Molly Administrative Assistant 414-298-4107
Zoerb, Doug Industry Correspondent 414-298-4178
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