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Gold-level companies have engaged their employees, reached beyond their companies to their state and local communities and gone on to deliver the I Make America message on a national level. Activities include signing up 15% of US-based employees, promoting I Make America at a trade show, and meeting with a member of Congress. Gold companies have completed all of the Gold level activities of the Supporter Matrix.

Companies that achieved Gold in 2011 and/or 2012 and received the Pillar of the Industry award at AEM's Annual Conference can maintain their Gold level by completing all of the Gold level activities of the maintaining section of the Supporter Matrix. All companies that achieve Gold-level status in 2013, including those 2011 and 2012 Gold companies that maintain their status this year, will receive the Pillar of the Industry award at the AEM Annual Conference in November.

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For more information regarding I Make America and how your company can participate, please contact Trisha Schoof, 414-298-4131 or

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Get Involved: Prosperity Project

Get and stay involved in the political process. Through the Prosperity Project, you can write your lawmakers, stay on top of election news, see how often your representatives voted with our industry's interests in mind or even register to vote.

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