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Project Management Essentials and Leading Meaningful Change

Project Management Essentials

This comprehensive, hands-on seminar provides the knowledge, insights, and techniques project teams need to accomplish even the most challenging project. From the seasoned veteran to the anxious rookie, the largest gains in project success come with a focus on the fundamentals—the process, the vocabulary, the tools and techniques of achievement.

Compliant with popular standards, tailored to your needs, and grounded in results-proven experience, this course delivers skills that drive consistent project success.

Leading Meaningful Change

The fact that every organization is faced with change is NOT new news; the challenge lies in the fact that you can systematically manage the changes to increase overall productivity and achieve corporate objectives. The goal of project management is to effectively deploy resources in a structured manner to develop and implement the solution - in terms of what needs to be done to processes, systems, organizational structure and job roles. The goal of change management is to help each individual impacted by the change to make a successful transition, given what is required by the solution.

All projects need both project management and change management. There are very few instances where you will not need both disciplines. Projects are created by change, so to be successful you not only need the tools to  implement your project effectively, but also how to communicate those changes throughout your organization.

This program provides the essential concepts, techniques, and best practices for leading meaningful change. It reveals the challenges individuals and their organizations face and how they can prepare for, cope with, and facilitate essential transformations. The ability to bring cross-functional expertise together, focus limited resources on key results, and achieve timely success are the defining qualities of today’s effective leader and the agile organization. Learn how to apply these research-based and experience-validated best practices to reduce unexpected problems, improve authentic participation, and deliver transformational change.

These are two excellent courses which were both rated high in evaluation. We will again be offering these courses in 2012. Please email Becky Brath for your personal invitation!


Ron Black
Ron Black is a professional speaker and founder of nine companies including a mechanical a contracting firm and a wholesale plumbing distributor. He served as a Fortune 500 Marketing Division VP; a four-time turnaround executive; he works with organizations such as Intel, UCLA, Boeing, Eaton Electrical, and Honeywell. The author of two books including the popular Complete Idiot’s Guide to Project Management with Microsoft Project; a grandfather of two; and a guy who has run across the Grand Canyon thirteen times. He probably has an idea or two that you can use. In any case, he’ll fire up your thinking!

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“We've had many PM courses but Ron's experience and energy made this the best ever. Simple yet powerful tools...”

Shirley Miles, Planning and Admin – UCLA

“Ron is the absolute BEST to conduct training on Project Management topics! He is an expert in the field, able to apply real life scenarios and examples, and a great presenter.”

Colette Draper, Training Consultant – PMI Mortgage Insurance Co.

“Your presentation was such a value-add to our folks here... I have loaded your [change management] presentation up on my SharePoint site so that all of DIA can experience it. Thank you so much!!”

Andrea J., Training and Development – U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency

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