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Equipment Sales & Dealer Pricing – How faster, accurate quotes leads to higher revenue

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When you are thinking about pricing within your dealer network, there are considerable complexities for sourcing the equipment that dramatically affects the dealer cost. For example, time-sensitive factory promotions and incentives need to be considered in selecting the right unit. Dealers are on the front line for factoring in and getting approval for trade-in and washout sheets critical to a profitable price. So making it easy for the dealer to do business with your product line, enabling each to accurately price and order your products, is the brand differentiation associated with a successful month, quarter and year.

Infor Product Configuration Management extends the benefits of a tightly integrated configuration process -- which has long eliminated errors on manufacturing orders handed off to your ERP -- out into your dealer network. Pricing is a specialty, in the dealer showroom and inherently also on the manufacturing side.

Infor Product Configuration Management is so intuitive we can demo many pricing models as required by the manufacturer and in practice at the dealer. Come with your hardest pricing situations in mind, and we'll show you how flexible configuration models can create faster, more accurate quotes, which differentiate your brand and lead to higher sales in your dealer network.

Bio of Presenter:
John Schuck is a Product Manager for Product Configuration Management and an Infor technology strategist focusing on configuration in the Equipment and Manufacturing industries. John's presentation style connects technical and non-technical audience in a common language to illustrate how easy and straight-forward a technology solution can be.

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