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AEM hosts approximately 10 educational seminars annually. Seminars cover the latest trends and issues associated with equipment manufacturing - marketing, leads, sales, rental, market share, production efficiencies, logistics, service, safety, liability, warranties, global relations, technology and man-machine interface - are the issues of utmost importance to our member managers.

Most AEM educational seminars serve 75-250 member company managers with industry specific content related to the managers' job. For this reason, 90% of presenters are industry peers who are member company representatives that share specific case study examples of how they implemented a program or concept. Ten percent of presenters are paid professionals who deliver their perspective on the economy, trends, customer service, logistics, improving dealer relationships, innovation, etc. For the AEM annual conference, held every fall, these percentages shift to 25% / 75% respectively, but the content still pertains to the construction and agricultural equipment industry.

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Trade Shows

AEM owns and/or produces several trade shows. There is an extensive educational program held in conjunction with each of the shows and attendees purchase tickets to attend sessions of their choice. Much of the content is very industry specific and as a result the ratio of member company/industry personnel vs. paid professional presenters is roughly 75 percent / 25 percent.

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