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AEM's numerous groups bring members together in product-focused, job-related and issues-oriented forums to address industry issues.

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Boards and Board-Level Committees

The continued success of AEM is dependent on the high level of commitment from its volunteer leadership. The Association has been fortunate to have the support of many volunteer leaders to guide the Association and direct its programs and services.

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Product-Specific Groups

AEM currently has over 30 product-specific groups covering nearly 225 product lines designed to aid companies which manufacture and market similar equipment so they can work together on issues of mutual interest and formulate industry wide courses of action. These groups address product-specific and broad-based technical, regulatory and safety issues.

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Statistics Groups

Statistical reporting programs are a key services available to AEM manufacturer members. Over 175 companies currently report into more than 225 unique product programs; thereby, providing market information ranging from county level retail sales information in North America to shipments data on a global basis. Participating members determine the design and scope of all AEM statistical programs and AEM develops additional programs based on member requests.

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Technical Groups

AEM's technical groups ensure early recognition of emerging issues and seeks their satisfactory resolution while providing an industry forum for exchange of technical information. These groups examine, discuss and make recommendations to government and private agencies on performance standards, review regulatory demands, act as a clearinghouse for members on product-oriented standards and regulations, develop safety materials and provide input to government agencies that oversee certain types of equipment and its uses.

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Job-Specific Groups

AEM's job-specific groups target key aspects of today's business world and provide relevant information for professionals at all levels. Groups are organized around the job responsibilities of members and provide targeted, industry-specific information on the latest business and management innovations, as well as news of emerging business opportunities.

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Leadership Groups

Leadership Groups bring together executives who manufacture one specific product or are impacted by one particular issue for a targeted approach in identifying needs and providing direction to address them. These groups lead and coordinate efforts among various AEM departments and committees, considering all aspects - market, technical, regulatory, legislative, industry trend, public perception/PR, statistical data, related market intelligence. They serve to facilitate communication among high level decision-makers, those working directly on the issues and AEM staff to develop coordinated industry solutions.

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