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The Contractors Pump Bureau (CPB) was formed in 1938 to offer services tailored to the needs of portable contractor and dewatering pump manufacturers, to their suppliers, and to the operators and owners of portable contractor and dewatering pumps.


The CPB promotes matters of mutual interest to contractor pump users, manufacturers and major parts and component suppliers.

The purposes of the bureau are to:

  • Develop and publish industry consensus standards for contractor pumps and auxiliary equipment
  • Promote the common business interests of CPB members and the industry as a whole
  • Develop Best Practice and Safety Related support documents for the good of operators, owners, and the industry as a whole
  • Pursue other actions that lead toward cost effective production, improved customer service, and increased product safety and efficiency of portable dewatering equipment


Full membership in the CPB is open to AEM members in good standing who are actively engaged in the manufacture and distribution of portable pumps within the North America, and Associate membership to major component suppliers to pump manufacturers.

Bureau Activities

The CPB typically meets twice/yr providing an industry forum for members to share their views on technical and safety issues, domestic and international regulation, and other issues of common interest.  Because the portable pump industry is well represented in the Bureau, the Bureau positions, comments, and recommendations carry weight as valid industry consensus positions. 

The Bureau has developed:

  • the CPB Pump Selection Guide to help users correctly select the correct pump type and size for their application
  • the CPB Pump Efficiency Standard for accurate measurement of pump efficiency and performance by manufacturers
  • the CPB industry standard for measuring sound levels emitted by portable dewatering pumps
  • a Portable Pump Operator Safety Manual, which is available to the industry at very low cost through the AEM Store Safety Material Section


CPB supports a pump Market Statistics program, covering several pump types.  The program reports to members monthly industry shipments for each category and size of pumps covered, within the U.S and Canada, and now also in Latin American nations.

CPB Pump Standards

The Bureau developed a sound level measurement method pertaining to pumps, posted here for industry use.

The Bureau also developed a Pump Performance Curve Standard, outlining criteria for accurate and thorough graphical representation of pump performance characteristic.  The standard is available to pump manufacturers at no charge by following this page's "Other Files" link, or by following the AEM staff member link.

Manufacturer compliance to this standard helps the market evaluate the expected performance of various pumps.  For information, contact the AEM contact shown to the right.


    Group Leadership

    Jeff Davis
    Sulzer Pump Solutions / ABS

    Senior Vice Chair
    Juan Quiros
    Multiquip Inc.

    Vice Chair
    Andy Falco
    Hydra Tech Pumps

    AEM Staff Contact

    Nathan Burton
    Technical & Safety Services Manager | 414-298-4126

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