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Technical & Safety Leadership Council (TSLC)


  1. Ensure early recognition of emerging Technical & Safety related issues and develop an AEM Technical and Safety position to seek satisfactory resolution of those issues
  2. Communicate with the AEM Ag and CE Board of Directors on technical matters
  3. Encourage the development and resourcing of programs to effectively address Technical & Safety related issues
  4. Assist in the communication of resource requirement requests of the appropriate AEM governing body
  5. Provide encouragement, assistance and technical expertise to Technical & Safety groups
  6. Coordinate and prioritize goals and objectives for common industry Technical & Safety issues
  7. Review of ongoing standards funding and resourcing of Technical & Safety activities


Every AEM full and mid-level member company may appoint one voting representative and one or more alternates to the Technical & Safety Council. Associate member companies may participate in a non-voting capacity. The Chairman of the Technical Council is appointed by the chairman of the Association.


Ensure that technical activities conducted with AEM are consistent with legal policy and general operating guidelines of the Association.

Ensure that form, structure, governance and technical functions are consistent with the changing needs of the industries served by AEM.

Ensure that the AEM Board of Directors is informed and in support of the work and policies of the technical functions.


The Technical & Safety Council shall meet at least annually.


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Group Leadership

John Fisher
Alamo Group

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Mike Pankonin
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