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Miller Electric, located in Appleton, Wisconsin, manufactures welding and cutting equipment used in a variety of industries. However, it is not just construction sites and factories that benefit from Miller Electric, the community of Appleton does as well. Miller Electric employees would like to see Congress invest in infrastructure so that companies and communities such as theirs can continue to grow.

Ambassador Spotlight: Knut Froland

Miller Electric first began its involvement with AEM’s “I Make America” (IMA) campaign in 2011. According to IMA ambassador Knut Froland, “Miller believes that continued investment in infrastructure is a great way to stimulate job growth; both for our company’s jobs, as well as the jobs created by the AEM member companies that we serve.”

Miller is the leading provider of industrial welding equipment and robots to the manufacturing companies that make earthmoving equipment. In addition, Miller Electric’s engine-driven welder, generators and other welding products are used on construction sites around the world.

To achieve Gold status in IMA, Miller Electric has promoted the campaign in many different ways. Most recently, Miller produced a Day In American Life video, featuring several employees and their local community. Miller Electric also promoted IMA in newsletters to employees and customers, on the Miller Electric website and social media sites, via employee sign-ups, as well as through political outreach. Miller Electric recently encouraged attendees of the MINExpo tradeshow to sign up for IMA and included a display board and sign-ups cards in their booth.

“Like every other manufacturer in America, we weathered some pretty tough economic times over the last few years,” said Froland. “Our employees understand how important it is to have stable, good-paying jobs. I Make America encourages the type of productive government investment that will help create those jobs.” Miller Electric employees also understand that the United States depends on our superior infrastructure as a competitive advantage when pursuing opportunities in a global market; Froland continues “It is critical that we maintain that advantage.”

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