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AEM gathers and analyzes a wealth of macro-economic and industry trend data to help its members anticipate change and remain competitive in today’s global marketplace. Our services include member survey opportunities/reports as well as the ability to conduct custom research projects.

Overview, White Paper and Work Samples

AEM delivers valuable decision-making data through its market intelligence products. For an overview of our products check out our product/data maps. View our work samples for a better understanding of the quality work we provide. We think you’ll agree that AEM provides market intelligence that matters.

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Global Markets Resources

AEM’s Global Markets Resources help you make sense of the rapidly changing dynamics of international markets. Looking for something specific? AEM Market Intelligence can conduct custom research projects for you, providing even deeper analysis through collaboration with our Global Business Development group. Contact Benjamin Duyck at for more information.

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U.S. Market Resources

We emerged from the Great Recession with more questions than answers. Look to AEM U.S. Market Resources to help you get a better understanding of our economy and its impact on your business.

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AEM offers an array of reports and surveys that provide tremendous value. From our quarterly Industry Trends Reports (ITR) to ad hoc surveys like E-Commerce and How the Customer Wants to do Business With Manufacturers, gain insight on how various business issues affect you.

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“Cummins has been a member of AEM for many years and regarding the market intelligence data shared in the Cummins Industrial Seminars, we have been using it for 13 years in a row. Every year, AEM makes changes and provides continuous improvements in the data shared by bringing innovation and creativity. Most of the participants in the Cummins Industrial Seminar are employees of the Company and involved in many different functional areas such as Marketing, Purchasing, Engineering, Finance, Service, and Manufacturing, and the information is helpful for all these areas to utilize in their annual operating plans. I am very confident that other members and/or manufacturers are going to find great value in the data shared. The data is extremely accurate, has a strong foundation, and provides trends and guidance for the decision-making processes of their users.”

Silvio Novaes
Global Account Executive -
Agricultural Market and Business Development
Cummins Inc.

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