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AEM has a long, distinguished history of supporting the interests of its members by delivering decision-making data through its market intelligence products.

AEM regularly conducts surveys to gather important industry insights from our member manufacturing companies. Members can participate in a wide range of confidential surveys and receive the results as part of their participation. Industry constituents can purchase our member survey results for use in forecasting and benchmarking. We also conduct custom research projects on behalf of AEM members and other interested parties.

AEM White Papers

AEM has published White Papers on the economic impacts of the manufacturing, distribution, and use of construction equipment and machinery, and agricultural equipment and machinery.

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Market Intelligence Work Samples

Component Sourcing Survey
A member requested information on how manufacturers source components for products manufactured and serviced overseas. This survey was the result. Lots of interesting info, including the answers to the question “What could a potential US-based parts supplier do to be a more desirable choice?”
9/13/2012 | Members Only

Sample Survey Results - Construction Industry Conditions
Sample results of the Construction Industry Conditions survey.
4/5/2012 | Members Only

Correlation of Construction Spending to Equipment
It is often said that construction spending drives construction equipment sales but do all types of construction spending correlate well with that of construction equipment?
11/8/2011 | Members Only

Sample Survey Results - CE Monthly SnapShot
A sample of the survey results participants of the CE Monthly SnapShot survey receive.

Merger and Acquisition History of AEM Members
Provides a history of select members’ mergers and acquisitions.
6/10/2010 | Members Only


Market Intelligence offers a variety of survey results and reports for purchase.

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