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CLAAS of America Speaks Up for Farm Bill, I Make America During Nebraska Senatorís Visit

Sen. Mike Johanns (L) with CLAAS’ Leif Magnusson (top)
and viewing a combine grain tank produced by another
manufacturer just 50 miles away in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Pro-manufacturing policies promote U.S. jobs,
Johanns was told.

CLAAS of America spoke up about the importance of passing a new Farm Bill and enacting policies that strengthen the U.S. manufacturing sector during a visit by Sen. Mike Johanns (R-NE) to the company’s newly-expanded facilities on October 25, 2012.

Johanns, a strong ally of the new Farm Bill, was Secretary of Agriculture in the Bush administration and one of the key architects of the Farm Bill that expired September 30, 2012.

“The senator was disappointed with the hold-up on the latest Farm Bill passage,” said Leif Magnusson, president of CLAAS of America. “He is a strong proponent of limited EPA regulations that would continue to protect the environment without placing undue burdens on the agricultural and manufacturing sectors. He understands the importance of a strong manufacturing sector and is obviously very knowledgeable about the agricultural industry in general.”

Supporters of AEM’s I Make America campaign like CLAAS of America have been leading voices in urging quick passage of a new Farm Bill. The bill is a critical piece of legislation that contributes to American prosperity, including 250,000 jobs in the agricultural equipment industry.

Visit Supports I Make America

Johanns is the second Congressional representative to visit CLAAS of America in the past four months. Rep. Lee Terry toured the facility in July. The visits are part of the company’s efforts to support the I Make America campaign. CLAAS of America achieved Gold-level status in July 2012.

I Make America is AEM’s national grassroots campaign to dramatically increase jobs for America’s equipment manufacturers. All members are encouraged to get involved by signing up in support of the campaign at to help show Congress and the Administration how important passing strong pro-manufacturing policies is for American communities and the country.

Member companies can participate as Company Supporters and also work toward Bronze, Silver and Gold participation levels. For more information, contact AEM’s Trisha Schoof (, tel: 414-298-4131).

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