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Agricultural Sprayer e-Book Responds to Industry Need for Mobile Safety Manual Access

AEM has published its second safety manual e-book, covering agricultural sprayers. The new AEM e-books respond to an industry need for operator safety information accessible from mobile devices.

The AEM Agricultural Sprayer Safety Manual e-book is not meant to replace print, but to provide another avenue to reach equipment operators and help them practice safety in the field. It features user-friendly options such as variable type, bookmarks, the ability to embed and email notes, content searching and a low-light reading format.

The e-book format also allows AEM to more easily distribute safety information globally and to extend the reach of its safety messaging.

The AEM Agricultural Sprayer Safety Manual e-book (English only) is currently available as an iBook on Apple’s iBookstore. AEM plans to add more safety manuals to the iBookstore, as well as expand into other e-book platforms to increase availability. Sales of all published e-books have now been expanded into 50 iTunes international stores (including the U.S.).

To order the AEM Agricultural Sprayer Safety Manual e-book, first install iTunes on your Mac, PC or mobile device if you do not already have it. Once you have iTunes installed, you can download the Agricultural Sprayer Safety Manual e-book.

For print versions of the AEM Agricultural Sprayer Safety Manual and all AEM safety manuals and materials, visit the online AEM Store at

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