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Stuart Levenick of Caterpillar Elected 2013 AEM Chair

Stuart L. Levenick, group president of Caterpillar Inc., Peoria, Illinois, was elected 2013 AEM Chair at the Annual Conference on November 9. Levenick will lead the AEM Board of Directors to achieve AEM’s 2013 goals, priorities and strategic direction. He served as Vice Chair in 2012.

Levenick has administrative responsibilities for customer and dealer support for Caterpillar Inc., which includes Europe/Africa/Middle East, Americas and Asia Pacific distribution divisions, remanufacturing and components, customer services support and parts distribution and logistics. Levenick brings a strong background in marketing and general management, as well as broad global experience from the United States, Canada, Russia, Asia Pacific and Japan.

Levenick succeeds outgoing 2012 AEM Chair Rusty Fowler, president and CEO of Krone NA Inc., of Memphis, Tennessee.

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