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Long-term Highway Funding Critical to U.S. Job Creation, AEM White Paper Stresses

AEM has released a new white paper intended to alert policymakers that MAP-21, the current surface transportation act, does not tackle the long-term viability of the Highway Trust Fund, whose financial health is critical to creating U.S. jobs and economic prosperity.

The white paper, “MAP-21 and Transportation’s Fiscal Cliff,” was written by Jack Schenendorf, a transportation policy veteran who served 25 years on the staff of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. It examines the benefits gained by the transportation community from the passage of MAP-21 and what needs to be done in the coming months to avoid an adverse effect on infrastructure investment in 2013 and 2014.

As Congress returns to Washington after a long election cycle, AEM will distribute the white paper to all Members of Congress as well as the Washington transportation community, the Department of Transportation, governors and newly elected officials. It was previewed on Politico’s Morning Transportation website on November 2, 2012.

This is the first paper in a long list of policy issues AEM plans to focus on in the lame-duck Congress, as well as the next session. Additional issues include; funding revenue options analysis, emissions, tax depreciation, fracking and other market issues.

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