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AEM Board of Directors Approves Latin America Trade Show, Regional Committees

The AEM Board of Directors has approved a Latin America trade show plan recommended by the CE Sector Board. In related action, the Board of Directors approved a proposal to establish and formalize Regional Management Committees (RMCs) that would respond to member and industry needs for services in priority international markets.

Show Plan Enhances Customer Access, Brand Awareness

The Latin America trade show plan is aimed at enhancing member opportunity to broaden brand awareness and increase customer access. It calls for an equipment-focused trade show capable of drawing a quality audience from the universe of approximately 100,000 contractors and subcontractors in Latin America.

RMCs Would Speak with One Voice for Each Region

RMCs would follow the model currently used for the CE Latin America Advisory Committee (CELAAC), which played a vital role in recommending the Latin America exhibition. The AG and CE Sector Boards would approve the establishment of these committees and direct their activities.

Under the plan, an RMC would include 12-20 member company representatives with an RMC Chair approved by the respective Sector Chair and committee members approved by the Sector Board.

RMCs would provide communication between those actively working in the region and their respective Sector Board. Representatives would speak with one voice for the needs of the region, and provide a connection from the field to the Sector Boards on region-specific issues.

RMCs would allow member companies to learn from each other and solve industry-wide issues particular to a given market. They would also strengthen relationships with key contacts, publications, customer groups and sister associations.

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