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AEM Commends EPA for Rejecting Waiver Requests on Renewable Fuel Standard

AEM has commended the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for rejecting Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) waiver requests filed by six states. AEM defended RFS requirements in October 2012 as an important driver of agricultural equipment demand.

The states were seeking a waiver from RFS requirements that transportation fuel sold in the United States contain a minimum volume of renewable fuel. AEM had filed comments with the EPA urging the agency to deny the waiver requests as they would cripple the continued growth of the biofuels industry while doing little to lower the prices of corn and animal feeds.

“I am pleased with the EPA’s decision to deny waivers and stand by renewable fuel standards,” AEM President Dennis Slater said. “Granting these waivers would have had a negative impact on the renewable fuels industry, rural development, the environment and American drivers.

“The RFS is providing the market stability necessary to encourage much-needed investment. Granting these waivers would have harmed the continued development of the industry. EPA made the right choice, and we will continue to work to grow and stabilize the renewable fuel industry.”

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