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A Time for Us at AEM to Be Thankful

As we race to close the books on 2012 and get some well-deserved and
much-needed time with family and friends during the holidays, I want to use my last column of the year to talk about how much your Association – AEM – has to be thankful for and to thank each of you for helping to make our success possible.

Looking back on our efforts and successes in 2012, there is a lot to be thankful for:

Membership Support: Even after the worst recession in 70 years and so many challenges facing manufacturers, membership in AEM is at an all-time high. It’s this broad level of support that makes it possible for us to truly represent the industry in our advocacy efforts, get the participation needed to provide valued statistics programs, state our case on regulatory issues, deliver market-leading exhibitions to sell your products and organize education opportunities for your employees.

Your Time & Commitment: We live in a society today of constant pressure and competing priorities that take more time than we have in our day. And yet, AEM is blessed with the support, contributions and active engagement of the best leaders of the equipment manufacturing industry. These leaders give so much of their time to the Association, so together we can represent our industry and help our members run successful businesses. This commitment of their time and talent is the foundation that makes everything we do possible.

Leadership: Our AEM officers, directors and committee chairs take off their company hats and step forward as leaders to do what’s best for our industry. I’m especially thankful this year for the leadership of our 2012 AEM Chair Rusty Fowler. Rusty was concerned about becoming the AEM Chair, simply stating “there was no way to make a chair out of a stool.” Instead, he stepped forward in his humble way and showed us how to bring the Association together for a common goal.

Focus Brought by the Strategic Plan: The strategic plan moved from “paper to implementation” this year, bringing a needed focus on the six ambitious Key Result Area (KRAs) goals. This focus enabled us to develop and implement a new balanced and sustainable financial model, an aggressive two-year advocacy program, a new more inclusive governance structure and a much higher level of member engagement.

The Need to Improve: The ambitious goals of the Strategic Plan KRAs underscore the attitude of the directors on the AEM and Sector Boards. They are not satisfied to settle for good programs. They want to continually strive to be great, and have AEM be relevant to their success. By setting this high standard and holding us accountable to it, AEM won’t become complacent and accept being good when great is demanded.

Dedicated Team & Culture to Achieve: Finally, we are thankful for the AEM employees. It’s an overused cliché that each organization “has the best association staff in the business”. More importantly, I can proudly say that we have a dedicated and talented team that is highly-motivated by a culture to “achieve, serve and improve” that produces results to benefit our members and the industry. They enjoy what they do and it shows in the results. To put it simply, they get things done.

We are thankful at AEM for this support and for the successes we achieved together as an association and industry this year. We also recognize that 2013 will bring even more challenges and opportunities. We will be ready for them. Thanks again to each of you for a rewarding and successful year. Have a happy holiday!

Dennis Slater

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