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AEM Safety Materials Sales Achieve Unit, Revenue Records, Add Value to Programs, Services

Unprecedented industry demand for Association safety materials is adding value to AEM programs and services while continuing to promote safe operator practices.

More than 821,000 units of AEM safety materials were sold in 2012, setting a new record. Materials included safety manuals, safety videos, training materials, decals, and technical documents and pamphlets, among other items.

This record-high sales volume combined with significant cost-control measures and a small safety manual price increase resulted in the contribution of record revenues from safety material sales to other AEM programs and services in 2012.

Factors helping to increase safety material sales include an improved economy, extensive social media marketing, perception of a more heavily regulated and litigious environment, the introduction of new products, better access to international customers via the online AEM Store, and the strategic use of online and other forms of advertising.

“Members use AEM safety materials because they represent an industry-consensus position on the safe operation of the different kinds of equipment they manufacture,” said Larry Buzecky, AEM director, safety materials. “They also find considerable value in these materials when issues regarding liability arise.”

To order AEM safety materials, visit, or contact AEM’s Larry Buzecky (, tel: 414-298-4115).

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