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Our 2013 Goals: It’s Time to Move from Development to Execution

2012 was a “year of achievement” for AEM as we developed and implemented three key initiatives to meet the objectives of the AEM Strategic Plan.

These three initiatives are: 1) new financial model, 2) two-year advocacy plan, and 3) a services plan to respond to the membership survey results. The goals of these three initiatives will profoundly change how your Association operates on behalf of its members and the industry.

The implementation of these initiatives is only the first step. Now we need to successfully achieve the ambitious objectives of these initiatives.

The 2013 AEM Goals continue the implementation of the Strategic Plan by focusing on the execution of these initiatives and the development of new initiatives in member engagement, market information services and global business development.

Execution of the first three initiatives will enable us to earn the financial resources necessary to lead in advocacy and enhance services to best serve our members’ needs.

Here are the 2013 AEM Goals. Please take a moment to review this list. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. As the year progresses, I will report on our progress.

Thank you.

View AEM’s Complete Strategic Plan KRA Goals Document

Below you will find a summary of AEM’s 2013 goals.

  1. Financial Model KRA – To successfully implement the new financial model, including the achievement of its net revenue and financial policy goals for 2013.
  2. Advocacy KRA – To successfully implement and achieve the “year one” objectives of the two-year advocacy plan approved by the AEM Board, including the specific “I Make America” and Ag advocacy goals.
  3. Products KRA – Achieve the priority objectives in the core service areas of market information, technical and safety services, exhibitions and public policy, including completion of goals for each area for: a) net operating income, b) participation, and c) satisfaction.
  4. Membership KRA – Achieve the membership retention, engagement and recruitment goals, using the new metric to measure engagement by members in AEM activities.
  5. Partnerships & Collaboration in Services KRA – Achieve partnership and collaboration goals as identified for 2013 in the Strategic Plan to identify, establish and show the benefits of partnerships and cooperative programs with top industry organizations, including customer groups.
  6. People KRA – Complete the seven goals of the People KRA, including an assessment of staffing needs, staff training, completion of the new governance structure and increased communication by AEM with its members.

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