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Infrastructure Funding Poll Helps AEM Build Support for New Long-Term Highway Bill

The release of results of an AEM infrastructure funding poll is part of AEM’s strategy to build congressional and administration support for a new long-term highway bill that would increase jobs for U.S. workers and strengthen the American economy.

Results of the telephone poll of 1,000 registered voters conducted on behalf of AEM by Clarus Research Group in early December 2012 have been covered online in The Hill and in Politico’s Morning Transportation post.

The poll found that an overwhelming 77 percent of Americans strongly believe infrastructure in their state and throughout America is in “serious need of rebuilding and modernizing.” However, 60 percent of those surveyed had no idea that if Congress doesn’t take action, the national Highway Trust Fund will no longer be able to meet its obligations, and funding for highways, roads and bridges will drop by 30 percent.

A solid majority (61 percent) said the best way to pay for infrastructure improvements is to “use a combination of funding sources such as some additional tax revenues, user fees and private investment.” While voter support for raising the gas tax remains low, 53 percent of voters would favor a new half-cent sales tax that would expire in five years to fund infrastructure.

View a Complete Summary of the AEM Infrastructure Funding Poll Results

The AEM voter poll follows the earlier release of an AEM study by transportation expert Jack Schenendorf alerting policymakers that MAP-21, the current surface transportation act, does not tackle the long-term viability of the Highway Trust Fund.

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