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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set emission standards regarding diesel engines used in many types of construction, agricultural and industrial equipment. AEM has joined with other off-road equipment associations to produce an informational “frequently asked questions” (FAQ) report on the new Tier 4 clean diesel technology.

The following provides links to regulations, articles and other documents related to emissions regulations:


Guidance for SCR on Diesel Engines
This US EPA document provides guidance to manufacturers who use SCR Emission controls. It provides a summary of what to expect in the next few years if your product uses SCR based after treatment.

New Fuel Requirements for Nonroad Equipment Impact Latin America
Nonroad equipment with Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB/Step 4 generation engines with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and equipment require the use of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel (“ULSD%rdquo;), which has no more than 15 ppm sulfur. A very high percent of the used equipment that is imported to Latin America originates from countries that fall under these new emissions regulations. In the event that a used (or new) Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB/Step 4 emission level machine with EGR arrives in Latin America and proceeds to be operated, using non-ULSD fuel, severe damage or failures to the engine, fuel systems, and diesel particulate filter system are imminent.

Nuevos Requerimientos de Combustible para los Equipos Fuera de Carretera
Los equipos fuera de carretera con motores que cumplan con Tier 4 Intermedio / Etapa IIIB/ Paso 4 y se encuentren equipados con recirculación de gases de escape (EGR por sus siglas en inglés) requieren el uso de diesel con un contenido ultra-bajo de sulfuro (“ULSD” por sus siglas en inglés), el cual no contiene más de 15 ppm de sulfuro. Un gran porcentaje de los equipos usados que son importados a Latinoamérica se origina en los países que se rigen bajo estas nuevas regulaciones. En el evento que una máquina que cumpla con Tier 4 Intermedio / Etapa IIIB / Paso 4 equipada con recirculación de gases de escapes (EGR) llegue a Latinoamérica y sea operada utilizando diesel con un alto contenido de sulfuro (NO-ULSD), serán inminentes las fallas al motor, sistema de combustible y filtros de partículas de diesel.

Tier IV, Frequently Asked Questions
Starting in 2011, clean diesel technology for off-road engines and equipment known as Tier 4 will be making its way onto the construction and industrial jobsites and farm fields around the country. This paper describes the milestones and technology and what it means for dealers, distributors, mechanics and those involved with operating diesel engines and equipment.

Clean Air Non-Road Diesel - FINAL RULE
The EPA’s Clean Air Non-Road Diesel Rule, is one of the most dramatic advancements in clean air protection since passage of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. The rule, signed May 11, 2004, requires stringent pollution controls on diesel engines used in industries such as construction, agriculture and mining and significantly reduces sulfur content of diesel fuel. The EPA also announced its intent to propose new emission standards for diesel locomotives and marine diesel engines.
5/18/2004 | Members Only

Statement of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers
Statement from AEM to the Environmental Protection Agency.
9/3/2003 | Members Only

White Papers

Tier 4 Engine Emission Symbols, Updated March 2012
This white paper describes the findings of an industry-wide group, convened by AEM. The purpose of this group was to identify a common set of symbols for use in off-road Tier 4 applications, in particular, symbols relative to Tier 4 aftertreatment. The intent is to provide common symbols for customers and end-users so that regardless of the OEM machine, the customer will interface with consistent symbols.

White Paper - EPA Tier 4 Flexibility Regulations Summary
The Tier 4 Flexibility Regulations Summary is intended to provide a brief summary and road map to utilizing the flexibility provisions of the EPA legislation. It is not intended to be all inclusive and should not be used in lieu of a careful evaluation of the regulation.
12/27/2007 | Members Only

White Paper - Equipment Manufacturer Flexibility
The EPA Tier 4 engine emissions rule has expanded the level of compliance responsibility to include the equipment manufacturer as well as the engine manufacturer. The intent of this document is to highlight the necessary basic information to understand equipment manufacturer flexibility, responsibilities and limitations.
12/27/2007 | Members Only

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