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The AEM Pictorial Database was developed to assist designers and technical illustrators in communicating effective safety messages through the use of consistent "industry-recognized" pictorial representations. Development of the database is guided by industry professionals and will be expanded as more product and process-specific pictorials are identified.

The downloadable graphic files are in formats (EPS and DXF) that can be imported directly into or opened in a variety of graphics and computer aided design software packages. The EPS files were saved in Adobe® Illustrator 7.0 and the DXF files were saved in AutoCAD® Version 13.

This Database is:

  • Searchable by use of categories and keywords
  • Inclusive with pictorials for both hazard identification and hazard avoidance
  • Freely available to the public
  • A non-exclusive list of common “industry-recognized” pictorials
  • Subject to revision without notice

It is NOT intended to promote or endorse any format of safety sign or message.

A variety of national and international standards which include examples of pictorials, safety sign designs and symbols used for controls and other displays, are available. See a representative list.

For guidance on Tier 4 operator interface symbols, refer to the AEM white paper regarding Tier 4 Engine Emission Symbols.


The information and images in the AEM Pictorial Database (“database content”) are provided to the public for voluntary informational use only. The determination of the fitness and suitability of any database content for specific use is solely the responsibility of the user. AEM makes no claim or warranty of ownership (including copyright claims) in the database content, and therefore conveys no express or implied right or license to anyone to use any database content free of such claims. AEM has conducted no safety analysis, testing or evaluation of any database content. Database users must consult applicable laws, regulations and standards before using any database content to assure compliance with same. AEM, its members, and those participating in its activities accept no responsibility or liability to anyone for the accuracy, completeness, validation or use of, or reliance on, any database content. Users are subject to these terms outlined herewith.

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