Are labels like ‘Generation Z’, ‘Millennials’, ‘Generation X’ and ‘Baby Boomers’ used often in your organization? Learn how to effectively attract and manage a workforce made up of cohorts with very different expectations and career goals. Plus, learn from worldwide tech leaders at Cisco how Internet of Things (IoT) technology can connect and empower the heavy equipment of the future.

Join us as we explore these key takeaways:

  • Understand the differences and common ground between the micro-generations in your workforce, and what that means for how you manage your people.
  • Learn about case studies in IoT technology, and how interconnected devices can be incorporated into the equipment you build.
  • Tour the Cisco Innovation Center and fuel your creativity to ignite your business.
Featured Speaker:
Wayne Cuervo, Director of Innovation, Cisco Toronto Innovation CenterResponsible for leading the Cisco Innovation Centre in Cisco Canada’s new Canadian headquarters. Cisco Innovation Centers located around the world inspire and display local IoT (Internet of Things) innovation and development.

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