Volunteer opportunities are open to all members; however some committees have additional requirements. Ideal candidates have the following qualities:

  • Demonstrated professional experience that translates into the ability to effectively direct the Association’s resources to achieve its goals.
  • Ability to inspire and empower others.
  • Build teamwork among peers with different needs and interests.
  • A history of moving people and an organization in the right direction.
  • Support the vision, mission and guiding principles of AEM.
  • 3-5-year horizon thinking

Committee positions typically involve a 3 year commitment. Attendance at all scheduled meetings is highly encouraged. Interest in serving on a committee should be submitted by November 1 for consideration for the following year.

Types of AEM Committees


Advocacy Committees & Working Groups

AEM’s Working Group on Tax Policy will review and examine efforts to reform the federal tax code and provide input on specific policy recommendations to ensure they allow equipment manufacturers in the United States to prosper, grow and create jobs and also enhance their global competitiveness. AEM’s Working Group on Trade Policy will review, provide input and help formulate AEM’s positions on federal and international trade issues impacting our industry. The State Government Relations Committee directs and provides guidance on state legislative issues.

Staff liaison: Kip Eideberg

Finance Committee

Provide oversight of the organization's financial resources by reporting accurate and reliable information to the AEM Board of Directors and to monitor, manage and protect the assets of the organization by providing an adequate system of financial controls. Accounting or Finance background preferred.

Staff liaison: Renee Peters

Futures Council

The Futures Council serves as an early alert system to AEM and its members through reviewing and discussing disruptions on the horizon (out 3 to 7 years or presently experiencing exponential growth) that have potential to impact off-highway equipment manufacturers and/or AEM from the association perspective.

Participants should be from a full or mid-level member company in a product marketing or research and development position, and identified by the member company as a potential future leader of their organization. The best fit is with people who are high ideators, idea brokers or theorist types.

Staff liaison: Nicole Hallada

Leadership Groups

Lead a coordinated effort among AEM service areas and relevant committees to identify and address the legislative, standards, regulatory, PR and other needs related to specific areas of the agriculture and construction equipment industries. These groups connect like-minded executives who manufacture similar products, or are impacted by similar issues. Our Leadership Groups facilitate communication among executives, those working directly on the issues and AEM staff to develop coordinated and effective industry solutions.

Staff liaison: Anita Sennett (Agriculture), Sara Feuling (Construction), John Somers (Utility)

Market Intelligence Committee

Provide input and drive consensus on the members’ current and future market data needs, with the goal of developing products and services to meet the businesses of Whole Good, Portable Equipment, Component and Service members.

Staff liaison: Benjamin Duyck

Membership Committee

The Committee, develops and recommends the strategic direction for membership pricing, sectors for involvement, growth segments and sector related product categories. The membership committee is also responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of the strategic direction to recruit and retain members. Committee members review and approve prospects applying for AEM membership. Provides an opportunity to learn more about AEM in depth as well as make a difference within the Association, while building a new peer network of relationships.

Participation within this committee will provide you experience leading and supporting AEM, which may lead to the nominating (past Chairs or volunteer leadership of AEM) committee to begin to insert your name for consideration of other volunteer positions, such as our Sector (CE or AG) Board and/or Board of Directors. We strive to have decision makers within a company, depending upon the company, may mean division lead or family member or the influencer.

Staff liaison: Paul Flemming

Product-Specific Technical Work Groups

Companies who manufacture and market similar equipment come together in our product-specific groups, to work together on issues of mutual interest and create industry-wide courses of action. We serve over 30 product-specific groups covering nearly 225 product lines.

Staff liaison: Michael Pankonin

Show Management Committees

Provide strategic leadership in the direction of show management, operations, and education. Committees available for CONEXPO-CON/AGG, IFPE, World of Asphalt, and ICUEE shows. In form below, please indicate if there is a certain aspect of the shows that you are most interested in becoming involved in and if you have a show preference.

Staff liaison: Megan Tanel

Show Marketing Committees

Provide guidance to staff in the direction of all show marketing tactics, activities and programs and review and approve the marketing plan as presented by AEM staff. Committees available for CONEXPO-CON/AGG and World of Asphalt. In form below, please indicate show preference.

Staff liaison: Nicole Hallada

Statistics Committees

Provide direction for the statistical programs that serve the different sectors of the agriculture and construction equipment industries.

Staff liaison: Debbie Carson

Technical & Safety Committees

Focused on specific products or topical concerns, AEM Tech & Safety Committees provide an opportunity to work with other industry experts on technical issues of common concern by communicating, educating and influencing global standards and regulatory compliance requirements. The committees provide a forum to develop industry consensus solutions and documents that maintain market access and provide resources supporting safe design and use of equipment. Only members who currently manufacture and market products or componentry directly related to the committees work may participate.

Staff liaison: Michael Pankonin

Interested in serving on a Committee?

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