In fact, PACs serve as important equalizer between competing interests because they allow individuals with limited resources by themselves to come together to have a larger impact, and PACs are among the most highly regulated forms of political participation to ensure rigorous adherence to ethical standards.

AEMPAC is a critical tactical and strategic tool in AEM's global public policy operations in a number of ways:

  • Reach: A perennial challenge of all government relation efforts is finding ways to break through the constant information barrage lawmakers live with. Having a PAC allows your industry representatives in Washington the opportunity to attend events that give them direct access to lawmakers so they can make your case to decision-makers without being overlooked or filtered.
  • Respect: A strong AEMPAC demonstrates our commitment to serious engagement in the policy arena, raising the profile of the equipment manufacturing industry in Washington, DC and underscoring the importance of the issues and concerns of our industry.
  • Responsibility: Our industry's supporters in Congress need our help. If we want pro-business lawmakers as our representatives, then we have a responsibility to help provide them the resources they need to mount successful campaigns.

Trade policy, taxes, infrastructure investment, environmental regulations, and labor law are just a few examples of ways government has direct affect on your bottom line. Of the 535 members of Congress, only a few have experience with manufacturing and even fewer with equipment manufacturing. If we want Congress to create sound public policy that takes into account our industry's interests and concerns, then we need a strong AEMPAC to help get our message out. This is why contributions to AEMPAC are just another investment in your business' success.