Creating a Culture of Innovation throughout Your Organization

What is the secret to sparking innovation and building a strong corporate culture? Join us at the World of 3M Innovation Center to see how 3M connects with their customers. You will walk away with wisdom and awaken the creativity of your organization.

Join us as we:
  • Tour the 3M Innovation Center comprised of interactive displays and stories that highlights how 3M connects with their customers
  • Hear different ways to support employees through resources such as innovation centers and forums
  • Discuss emerging  technologies, network with members and hear a market update. View full agenda.
Featured Speaker:

Denise Rutherford, Industrial Business Group’s VP of Research and Development, 3M Company

In a 3M career spanning more than a quarter of a century, Denise has contributed to the company’s success in roles ranging from research chemist to lab manager and technical director, and from vice president and general manager of 3M’s Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance department to vice president of all Latin American operations.
Key Takeaways:
  • Learn the critical balance between present and future industry concerns
  • Recognize the long-term value of r&d and how disruptive technologies can create a new business model 

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