Executive-Level Precision Business Model Workshop

A first-of-its-kind workshop on how manufacturers can potentially double their revenue and improve operating margins by adopting service-focused business models utilizing IoT technology.

Workshop participants will be presented with:

  • Specific business models, organizational structures and advice to help them adapt and create additional service-based revenue streams
  • Case studies will explore how companies like GE have generated $55 billion in service revenue.
  • Informational handouts will equip participants with the tools they need to incite organizational change.
  • Participants may choose to interact with Dr. Chou privately and tap into his deep network of expertise for consulting on future projects.

Workshop details:

  • Time: 9:00 am -11:30 am
  • Complimentary for AEM members
  • Targeted to senior-level decision CEOs, AEM and Sector Board Directors and other executives
  • AEM member companies are encouraged to send members of their senior leadership teams

Featured speaker:

Dr. Timothy Chou
Dr. Timothy Chou, former CEO of Oracle on Demand and a Stanford University IoT tech pioneer

"The Internet of Things makes it possible for equipment manufacturers to shift from selling products to selling services based on those products.” – Dr. Chou