Featuring Aaron Hillegass 

In the beginning, there were terminals and mainframes. As new use cases and security threats have appeared, the relationship between the client and the server has evolved in sophistication. Aaron Hillegass will discuss the evolution of communications between devices and the cloud that is being driven by three trends:

  1. More users and devices on unreliable networks, especially in developing nations
  2. Systems that require live update and real-time collaboration
  3. Increasingly sophisticated attacks by hackers

Workforce will also be a topic of discussion during this Thinking Forward event. It has been hot topic in the industry for years. Many companies are realizing that the current educational system is not creating a future workforce with the skills they need to succeed - so what are you doing right now to connect with youth and cultivate interests? Rusty McCarty from CustomEd will review 5 best practices to get youth excited and engaged in educational experiences to increase the number of qualified future employees.

Tonya Poole from JCB will then follow up this presentation, as they will discuss what they are doing on a local level with an apprenticeship program. These topics, along with a market update from Eli Lustgarten, will be a part of this complimentary program.

Date: October 18, 2017
Location: Duluth, GA


Rusty McCarty
Chief Experience Officer
& President

  Tonya Poole
  Vice President,
  Human Resources
  JCB Inc.

Eli Lustgarten
Senior Vice President
Longbow Securities

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