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Designed specifically for off-road equipment product safety and compliance professionals, the Product Safety & Compliance and Product Liability Seminars cover the industry's most pressing issues.

Join us for the 2019 event in Des Moines, Iowa.

Opening Keynote - Tuesday, April 30
Abigail Harrison
Captain Kenneth D. Barker (USN Ret.)
Safety Challenges Aboard a Trident D-5 Nuclear Submarine
From a career spanning 30 years in the US Navy Submarine Force aboard six different diesel to nuclear-powered boats, Captain Kenneth D. Barker will share experiences and present similarities in measures required for safe machinery operations between off-road heavy equipment and those in the inherently hazardous conditions on a modern submarine. Consider a workforce of 120 humans averaging 23 years old working and living alongside miles of high amperage electrical circuits, large gensets, multiple electronic and control systems, nuclear power, and awesome weaponry.
Topics of focus include design safety, operational safety, leadership practices, and the need for focused performance during intense training and conditions of high risk of danger. Additionally, Captain Barker will discuss the need to correctly manage reasonably foreseeable misuse presented by environmental group efforts to disrupt operations.

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