Group Leadership

Michael J. Osenga
Diesel Progress

AEM Staff Contact

Nick Yaksich
Vice President, Government & Industry Relations | 202-898-9065

Mike Pankonin
Senior Director, Technical & Safety Services | 414-298-4128

2017 Objectives and Responsibilities

  • Provide guidance on emissions education to AEM Board and membership.
  • Make policy and position recommendations to AEM Board on future emissions proposals.
  • Provide analysis and information on global emission changes in EU.
  • Identify and coordinate research from AEM’s technical engine emissions group as needed.
  • Serve as liaison to government organizations, industry groups and international organizations with an interest in engine emissions.


The Chair is appointed by the AEM Chair and serves a one-year term.


The committee is made up of representatives of the AG and CE Sector Boards, Government and Public Affairs Committee (GPAC), Technical & Safety Leadership Council and other member company representatives interested in engine emissions issues. 

Task Force Term

As a task force, this assignment is limited to the time needed to address the issue and will be disbanded upon completion of its assignment.