Group Leadership

Treasurer & Committee Chair
Jim Walker
CNH Industrial

AEM Staff Contact

Renee Peters
Chief Financial Officer | 414-298-4120

Wanda Sova
Executive Assistant | 414-298-4168


Provide oversight of the organization's financial resources by reporting accurate and reliable information to the AEM Board of Directors and to monitor, manage, and protect the assets of the organization by providing an adequate system of financial controls.


Chaired by the AEM Treasurer. Serves a one-year term. Elected by the AEM Board of Directors each November. In practice, Treasurer serves two consecutive one-year terms.


  • 15-18 members.
  • A cross-section of individuals is selected based on financial, AEM trade show, and member services background.
  • The committee aims to have a 50-50 split between Directors and Non-Directors.
  • Terms of two years with approximately 50% of the committee turning over each year.


Review and recommend to the AEM Board of Directors for approval:

  • The annual budget.
  • The investment policies and guidelines of the organization.
  • External auditor selection and the annual audit.
  • A long-range program to assure the financial viability of the organization.
  • Any other finance related tasks as directed by the AEM Board of Directors.

2017 Committee Objectives

  • Monitor AEM 2017 actual financial results versus budget.
  • Monitor AEM cash flows and financial viability of individual trade shows, programs and services.
  • Continue to assess 6-year financial projections for AEM with an emphasis on 2018 and 2019.