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Group Leadership

Greg Petras
Kuhn North America, Inc.

AEM Staff Contact

Anita Sennett
Senior Director, Agriculture | 414-298-4174


Lead a coordinated effort among AEM service areas and relevant committees to identify and address the legislative, standards, regulatory, PR and other needs related to ag equipment on roadways.

  • Identify all areas of need
  • Employ relevant AEM committees and/or service teams (or establish sub-committees/task forces) to address those issues.
  • Support the continued technical and standards development work from an executive level
  • Serve as executive support to staff within participating companies working on the areas identified
  • Develop and maintain a dialogue with state DOTs and end user groups


A Chair is elected by the committee and serves a two year term.


Executives from AEM agriculture member companies who are affected by agriculture equipment roadways regulations.


Once or twice a year as deemed necessary or appropriate, in conjunction with industry events when possible.