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Nathan Burton
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The Masonry & Saw Manufacturers Institute, also known as just "SMI," created a new name Feb 2, 2015 to recognize that it includes member manufacturers of various walk behind, mounted, and hand-held powered equipment and manufacturers of the cutting & abrasive tooling with the saw tools ("disposables").  Retaining the SMI mark, this AEM Product Technical Committee now is the "Diamond Tools & Equipment for Construction - SMI".  Its mission is to:

  • Gather and disseminate industry information regarding safety issues, standards and safety codes; research and prepare technical information on the most desirable and efficient methods of sawing and abrading material
  • Monitor and respond to regulation and public policy
  • Consider industry needs especially concerning safety and best practices, and supporting standards work where and when possible
  • Provide information concerning equipment care for maximum safety and utility

SMI Industry safety - Best practices

Suitable to assist with jobsite safety training, toolbox talkes, and new worker orientation, this pdf file is offered for download.

SMI Best Practice Guidelines for Buried (and imbedded) Hazards:  download here at no charge.

Product Focus

The Diamond Tools & Equipment for Construction Bureau (SMI) serves the needs of AEM member manufacturers of hand-held saws, core drills and wire saws, major component manufacturers, and diamond & abrasive cutting tools for masonry and concrete construction activity.  It presents an industry voice, actions, and consensus opinions on safety, challenges, and other issues facing industry members.

Bureau Activities

SMI members normally meet once or twice each year to address common diamond and abrasive cutting industry issues, to positively impact machine safety and provide input on relevant national and international standards.

Analysis and compliance with OSHA's extensive pending update (Aug 2015) to Respirable Crystalline Silica Regulations is of current interest.

Market Statistics Program

SMI members can participate in a confidential, non-disclosure market statistics program, reporting aggregated North American shipment data for five product categories on a monthly basis, based upon participating firm shipment data reported to AEM's 3rd party data vendor.