Group Resources

Group Leadership

Dr. Joshua Chard, PhD
Altec Industries

Vice - Chairman
James Christian
Time Manufacturing

AEM Staff Contact

Daniel J (Dan) Moss
Technical Consultant - Standards & Safety Services | 708-217-8201

Product Focus

The Manufacturers of Aerial Devices and Digger Derricks Council (MADDDC) Engineering Committee is comprised of manufacturers of aerial devices (truck-mounted machines designed to position personnel, their necessary tools and materials to overhead locations) and digger derricks (machines designed for use by electrical and telecommunications industries to dig holes for and set poles and to install an apparatus on the pole).


The objective of the Manufacturers of Aerials Devices and Digger Derricks Council Engineering Committee is to promote and further the proper and mutual interests of its member manufacturers. These interests, both national and international, include industry design and safety standards, industry safety initiatives and dialog associated with legislation. By diligent pursuit of this objective, it is the intent of this council that its activities also benefit the general welfare of its various distribution systems and of its customers.