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Group Leadership

Victor Cerda
Cerda Industries

Vice Chairman
Dennis Parker
Griswold Machine & Engineering (GME) / Trinity

AEM Staff Contact

Nathan Burton
Technical & Safety Services Manager | 414-298-4126

industry best practice documents - user training tools - free pdf access

Industry TSSA members offer the three pdf downloads below.  Use in safety stand-downs, toolbox talks, new worker orientation, and safety meetings.  Contractors and industry workers may download and print as needed, per the notice below.


To promote and further the interests of the manufacturers of trench shoring and shielding equipment, toward supporting and improving the safe and efficient use of trench shielding and shoring products for the benefit of all those involved.

Product Focus

The Trench Shoring & Shielding Association (TSSA) is a product technical and safety bureau of AEM. It serves the needs of AEM member manufacturers of trench shielding and shoring products, which is also supportive of the industry.

The bureau meets usually twice annually to address issues confronting the industry, including furthering product and worker safety thru attention to education of correct product use. The group also provides industry consensus input on regulations and public policy that affects the industry.

TSSA is active in Technical & Safety Programs. Three TSSA-developed copyrighted publications are available as pdf documents for download at no charge (see links below), for industry use and benefit only. They may be distributed within a manufacturer's, distributor's and/or contractor's organizations, provided they are always transmitted in their complete form without modification.

Bureau Activities

TSSA promotes the benefits of its member products to open cut trench contractors and their employees.

TSSA SAFETY Publications

These copyrighted TSSA-developed publications (titles below) may be downloaded at no charge. They are made available for industry use and benefit only. They may be downloaded and distributed within a manufacturer's, distributor's or contractor's organization, provided they are always transmitted in complete form. The documents may not be reproduced in any form for public distribution or consumption without the prior written consent of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.