Today’s business managers must make rapid decisions in a marketplace filled with increasing volatility. AEM’s Statistics program offers insights that provide managers with information they need to make smarter decisions and provide stable leadership for the business, as well as strike a balance between product demand, production capacity, and the financial forecast.

Monthly statistics reports provide timely, quality data to help members monitor and analyze domestic and global trends. Over 175 companies currently report into more than 245 unique product programs, providing participants with market information ranging from county-level retail sales data in North America to shipment data on a global basis.

The design and scope of all AEM statistical programs are developed by the members, for the members. AEM develops additional programs and recruits new participants based on member requests.

Here are three key areas where AEM statistical data can help improve your business processes:

  • Marketplace Trending: Use the data to discern the trends in your product market. Focus on the big picture to avoid building strategy on unsubstantiated opinions.
  • Distribution Scoring: Establish metrics to evaluate your supply chain so you can appropriately react to disruptions and opportunities in the marketplace. Avoid segmenting your supply chain based on only one set of criteria.
  • Factory Forecasting: Review the history of product sales and forecast the direction of future movement. Adjust factory production according to volume of demand and anticipated change in magnitude.

For more information on AEM’s statistical programs, contact Debbie Carson (, tel: 414-298-4146).