Is your company getting the most out of its investments in trade shows?

A tremendous amount of time and resources are spent on exhibition efforts, and it can be quite difficult to establish goals, measure progress and achieve desired results without the proper strategy behind your investments.

With that fact in mind, AEM offers a wealth of resources to help exhibitors accomplish their goals and maximize ROI. In addition, the association published a number of number of articles in 2017 designed to help exhibiting companies develop and implement trade show strategies and best practices. In case you missed them, here are 7 must-read articles from this year:

1. Top 10 Tips for Successful Exhibiting -- Trade show expert Candy Adams shares some simple -- yet effective -- tips every exhibitor can use to maximize show results. From setting strategic, measurable show goals to designing the perfect exhibit area, Adams's offers advice that is useful, practical and easy to understand. 

2. The Biggest Booth Staff Training Mistake Exhibitors Make -- Booth staff training is a critical component of any exhibition effort, as it sets the tone for what transpires on the show floor. In this article, trade show strategy Robyn Davis specialist dispels the surprisingly popular notion that any "training" an exhibitor can provide a booth staff is better than none at all. According to Davis, the training needs to be effective, because practicing the wrong behaviors won't lead to measurable growth and improvement. 

3. What’s Your Trade Show Data Strategy? -- Accurately defining booth objectives well before a show takes place is a crucial step toward getting the most out of understanding post-show behavioral data. This piece, written by AEM Director of Event Services and Technology Tricia Mallett, discusses the importance of investing the necessary time upfront to ensure booth metrics are a hit. And since the amount of data delivered post-show can be overwhelming, Mallett says it's critical for exhibitors to stick to a well-established strategy. 

4. Seven Ways To Improve Trade Show Lead Management -- It's no secret that a common reason many companies exhibit is to generate leads. In this article from trade show productivity expert Jefferson Davis, a number of common-sense strategies for better managing leads are outlined and discussed in great detail.  

5. The Secret to Boosting Trade Show ROI -- Exhibitors should not simply aim to "get through the show." Instead, they should aim to gain as much possible from being at the show. In this article, Robyn Davis explores how to get the most out of time spent exhibiting and encourages companies to examine their approach to trade shows with clear outcome thinking and vision.

6. Your Secret Weapon for Success: A Well-Trained Exhibit Staff --  According to Candy Adams, exhibitors do not put nearly enough of their budget or effort into ensuring their booth staff is trained and prepared to maximize their impact in the booth and on the show floor. As a result, Adams explains, many companies end up paying the ultimate price with a forgettable booth experience.

7. Is Your Digital Trade Show Marketing Strategy Up to Par? -- Technology is transforming the way in which exhibitors increase and improve engagement on the show floor. However, according to digital marketer Gail Weinstein of Vonazon, Inc., in order to properly employ and leverage digital tools for capturing valuable information about attendees and address the informational needs and expectations of customers, companies must have a well-conceived and actionable digital strategy in place.

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