Boom Mower SafetyAEM’s Industrial and Agricultural Mower Technical Committee (IAMTC) has recently agreed there is a need in North America for a Boom Mower Safety standard that can be utilized by equipment manufacturers to inspect, test and measure their product designs to ensure the product meets the state-of-the-art safety requirements for these types of products.

Currently there is not an applicable safety standard for boom mowers used in North America. Development of this standard will draw on appropriate safety measures and requirements currently found in ISO 4254-1, ISO 4254-12, ISO 4254-13, and parts of EN 17106-4-1.

The project will be carried out through a collaboration of the IAMTC members and the AEM Emeritus Program. The Emeritus Program’s mission is to provide experienced, quality leadership and guidance with regards to the development of regional, national and international standards that impact our industries. The skills and knowledge needed to efficiently develop and implement effective standards is usually accomplished through commitment, dedication and done in a professional manner.

Leading the projects’ efforts via the Emeritus Program will be recently retired and industry veteran John Fisher (previously of AEM member company Alamo Group). Working closely alongside Fisher will be Jeff Welsh of Land Pride and AEM’s Travis Webb, who will look to gain some direct technical writing skills and mentorship in the standards development process. Together, they will work to produce drafts to bring forth to the IAMTC for continuous review and feedback. These combined efforts will get the project well underway by the direction of industry experts while providing advice and guidance to the next generation.

This Boom Mower Safety Standard draft, when approved by the AEM Industrial and Agricultural Mower Committee, is intended to be proposed to the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) to become an ASABE standard. If accepted, the project would continue to develop through the ASABE MS-23/7 Committee.

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If you have questions related to the IAMTC and its efforts related to North American Boom Mower Safety standard, contact AEM Travis Webb's at For more information on the AEM Emeritus Program, contact AEM's John Wagner at

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