Acting on behalf of members, the AEM Board of Directors provided guidance and direction on a wide range of Association activities when they met on July 22 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Board:

  • Directed staff to make the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) blend levels proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency a top priority issue due to their importance and impact on the entire AG industry.
  • Asked staff to investigate and report to the Board on how AEM can challenge arbitrary and onerous European regulations through our advocacy and cooperation with industry associations in Europe.
  • Supported a staff proposal to establish a Futures Committee as a pilot program that would enable AEM to be more “forward thinking” and able to identify and respond to disruptions on the horizon.
  • Requested staff to conduct an analysis of the CONEXPO-CON/AGG and ICUEE exhibitions to determine their value and better educate the Board about the Association’s two greatest assets.
  • Directed staff to provide a long-term financial plan for the Infrastructure Vision 2050 (IV 2050) initiative to move planning from annual budgeting requests to projected total program financial needs.
  • Directed the new Statistics Committee to focus on providing a vision for the future of the statistics program while continuing the short-term objective for continuity of services achieved in the new agreement with services provider HAI.
  • Directed staff to provide a “roadmap” and timetable by the November Board meeting for the REACH initiative to achieve its financial goals so the Board can determine the program’s future.
  • Approved the staff recommendation for an investment of up to $500,000 for new CRM and accounting software.
  • Supported the task force approval to proceed with the proposed buyout by AEM of the ICAG ownership shares in IFPE.
  • Received a report on the success of the new financial model, which in 3 years has achieved its objective of increasing non-exhibition revenue and enabling AEM to improve services while reducing its reliance on exhibition revenue. The new financial model has produced an additional $3.7 to $4.2 million in non-exhibition revenue, increased non-exhibition revenue from 19 percent to 26 percent of total operating revenue, and improved non-exhibition revenue coverage of member service costs from 50 percent to 58-60 percent.
  • Received the treasurer’s report, which included: a 2015 budget forecast projecting a net operating loss of $68,000, as compared to a budgeted $22,000 net operating income; and a preliminary 2016 budget outlook of $985,000 net operating income, $1.2 million net income, and estimated net assets of $24.4 million. Current net assets are $23.4 million.
  • Supported plans to research new services for Customer Support, including: 1) further developing the joint AEM-AEMP education program, 2) exploring the value of a parts and service certification program, and 3) developing a statistics program.
  • Received a report that “substantial progress” is being made to achieve the 22 primary goals/activities on the dashboard used by staff to monitor progress on the 2015 AEM Goals.
  • Conducted an Open Forum to identify priority issues and goals for AEM in 2016. The compiled results will be used by staff to develop the proposals for 2016 goals and the 2016 AEM budget.