The AEM Board of Directors met at AEM’s Annual Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California late last month, where they set goals for 2019 and approved a budget that included an AEM Strategic Plan investment of $2.8 million.

"The actions taken by the board will allow the association to complete its objectives for the third and final year of the Strategic Plan, which focuses on seven priority areas: advocacy, thought leadership, customer connections, data and digital direction, Ag and CE leadership, membership and financial and operations," said AEM President Dennis Slater.

The board also thanked Nick Yaksich for his 20 years of service, leadership and contributions to the success of AEM, its D.C. office and advocacy activities.

AEM’s 2019 goals for each of its seven priority areas are as follows:

  • Advocacy – Specific goals include advancing legislative and regulatory goals, expanding state and Canadian advocacy, as well as increasing member and public grassroots support and presenting the equipment manufacturing industry’s positions to elected officials through various association initiatives.
  • Thought Leadership – Priorities include continually delivering thought-provoking information and solutions of value through AEM events, seminars and content, along with the continued growth and development of CONEXPO Connect.
  • Customer Connections – Objectives include positioning CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 for success, driving positive results for participation, satisfaction and engagement for other AEM and partner exhibitions, as well as expanding and enhancing the AEM Ag brand.
  • Driving Data and Digital Direction – Specific goals include implementing a precision Ag data strategy and construction equipment data plan for equipment manufacturers, as well as continuing to focus on North America statistics, global statistics and market intelligence.
  • Ag and CE Sector Leadership – Priorities include services and value, workforce development, utility direction and industry engagement.
  • Membership and Financial/Operations – Areas of focus include membership metrics and engagement, the AEM Strategic Plan and the association’s 125th anniversary. 

The board also fully supported the plan for HAI, the AEM-owned statistics company acquired in January of 2018, which includes:

  • Opportunities to develop the next generation of flagship ISTAT system for cloud computing.
  • Resources to be dedicated to increase efficiencies for AEM statistics members and HAI operations, provide state-of-the-art security, establish a best-of-breed user experience, achieve higher quality engagement, build upon 30 years of platform investment, domain expertise and success, and design for potential future engagements.
  • Positioning HAI for business growth, along with operational efficiencies, new engagement tools and expanded consulting opportunities.

In addition, the board:

  • Supported AEM CE Sector Board and Ag Sector Board actions and recommendations from their respective Nov. 29 meetings.
  • Elected its 2019 leadership.
  • Thanked 2018 AEM Chair Rich Goldsbury for his service, leadership and contributions leading the association to success in 2018 and serving as a long-time Director and volunteer leader for many years.

The next meeting of the AEM Board of Directors will be held March 5-6, 2019 in Washington D.C.

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