AEM CommitteesEfforts to help companies who fall into new AEM member classifications  better engage with the association commenced with the launch of two new committees.

The AEM Components Member Executive Committee held its inaugural conference call on February 14, and AEM’s new Services Member Executive Committee is slated to have its first meeting in late March.

“I’m excited to see these two committees so engaged, and I look forward to seeing the value they provide to AEM’s new membership classifications as we move through 2018 and beyond,” said AEM Senior Director of Membership and Engagement Paul Flemming.

The AEM Components Member Executive Committee aims to provide better direction and recommendations for adding value to component members, the association, and the industry as a whole. Formed following the announcement of AEM’s new membership categories at its 2017 Annual Conference in November, the committee currently consists of 18 members from a cross section of members that fall into the new Components membership category.

The Chairman for 2018 is Husco International Off-Highway Division President Robert Mortenson, and the Vice Chair is Cummins Executive Director Dave Koppenhofer.

In its February 14 conference call, committee representatives shared valuable information and insights with one another regarding the group’s future direction. Discussions also centered on industry disruptors, including electrification, digitization and autonomy. The committee will now put together taskforce groups to drive direction on the next steps, which may include research of end users and potential new data opportunities.

The next meeting of the AEM Components Member Executive Committee will take place at the end of March or in early April.

For more information on committee happenings, contact AEM Senior Director of Membership and Engagement Paul Flemming (, tel: 414-298-4150).