Service Members

Being an AEM member means many things. It means being part of the conversation that helps shape our industry’s future. It means access to a wealth of uniquely valuable opportunities to build momentum for the association and the markets it serves.

More than anything else, however, it means making a difference for the 1.3 million men and women of the industry who design and manufacture the machines that build our cities and feed our world. And as AEM continues to grow and evolve in its efforts to support equipment manufacturers, the association’s growing service membership has been hard at work establishing itself as a collective group of subject matter experts capable of helping manufacturers build, market and service the most productive equipment in the industry.

AEM’s service membership possesses expertise in the fields of safety, technology, research, engineering, product support, finance, sales enablement, marketing and more. Because we specialize in these critical areas and often gain new perspective by working across industries, we can provide a wealth of services many manufacturers in the association may not have ready access to within their own organizations.

Discover the many ways in which AEM service members bring value and expertise to OEMs

Because we come from such diverse backgrounds, work across businesses, and have service organization structures, our strength can also present challenges in connecting with other AEM members and in finding the right time and opportunities to contribute.

AEM members have countless opportunities for networking and engagement. From the AEM Annual Conference and AEM-owned trade shows to Thinking Forward member events and various meetings and seminars, these opportunities serve as valuable forums for manufacturers and service members to meet face to face and share information and insights regarding what they can offer one another.

And while our skills and expertise areas vary, we as AEM service members are united by two common traits:

  • We’re all AEM members
  • We’re all looking to provide better solutions and experiences for equipment end users

So whether a service member is developing software for an OEM, marketing ag equipment, or providing financial insights, the end goal associated with its AEM membership is consistently the same: deliver a productive, efficient and safe piece of equipment to its owners and operators.

Among the many benefits of being an AEM member is we all have the same access to the same association activities, training and information. That access offers us valuable opportunities to positively impact AEM and its wider membership. Whether we contribute a lot or a little is up to us and how we want to invest our time, energy and resources into supporting the association and those companies within it.

We hear from many AEM service members how among the top reasons they joined the association is to regularly network with other companies. But, as many of us know, doing so can be a task easier said than done. In response, we formed an AEM Service Member Exposure Task Force comprised of AEM service company members who serve on various committees and who have cultivated relationships with other companies within the association.

The group (Michael Barr, principal, QDI Strategies Inc.; Steve Meyer, director of marketing and sales, Almon Inc. and myself) set about accomplishing a few key tasks:

1. Understand the process of how to apply as a volunteer at AEM.

2. Communicate the process better to service members, so they can find and leverage opportunities to become better engaged within the association.

3. Recruit service member representatives to serve on various AEM committees, thereby maximizing their engagement and exposure throughout the association and beyond.

Ultimately, what we want to see is the collective power of the service membership harnessed and elevated for the benefit of everyone within AEM. It’s a tall task due to our diverse areas of expertise, but we see tremendous value in being able to provide thought leadership around our disciplines to support association activities and priorities.

We’re excited about all we have to offer AEM, and harnessing our collective knowledge will allow us to better engage with manufacturers and secure our place in the conversation that shapes the future of the equipment industry.

Now all we have to do is go earn it.

AEM service members are asked to consider serving on an AEM committee. For more information, use the links above, contact Brad Olson, vice president at Two Rivers Marketing or reach out to Michael Barr, principal at QDI Strategies Inc. at Olson currently serves as Chair of AEM's Service Members Executive Committee, while Barr serves as a sitting member of the Service Members Executive Committee

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