Infographic tell equipment owners to "get CLEAN on fuel"A new, easy-to-understand infographic from AEM tells equipment owners to “get CLEAN on fuel” to protect their Tier 4 engines.

The infographic lists five key areas that equipment owners should know about in order to keep their Tier 4 engines running smoothly. A committee of experts from AEM member companies developed the infographic to help build awareness of the importance of diesel fuel quality.

In addition, a one-pager handout with additional information on diesel fuel quality is also available.

“We strongly encourage AEM members to use the infographic and one-pager to inform their dealers and end-user customers about the importance of diesel fuel quality when running new Tier 4 engines,” said William “Bernie” Bernhard, AEM technical and safety services manager.

To download the infographic and one-pager, go to

For more information on the CLEAN fuel quality initiative, contact AEM's William "Bernie" Bernhard (, tel: 414-298-4106).