MAP program offers an integrated approach to data qualityBy John Wagner Director, Materials Management, AEM, and Michael Wurzman President, RSJ Technical Consulting

(This is part of a series of articles that assist AEM members in meeting today’s stringent substance-in-products documentation and reporting requirements; reducing their non-compliance financial risks; and generating financial opportunities from their compliance activities.)

“Timing is everything.” Typically, we use this phrase when an innovation results in new products, new markets or some other new opportunity – especially if it is accompanied by strong financial incentives or a timely business need.

 In that regard, if your company is struggling with the requirements to comply with REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, Prop 65 and all the other global laws that target toxicity in your products, AEM’s Market Access Pathway (MAP) program is a “timing is everything” opportunity you need to investigate.

Available today, MAP was developed in conjunction with nearly a dozen OEM members and supply chain companies. More importantly, it provides an unmatched level of compliance assistance to any size company that needs to obtain quality substance data in order to comply with toxicity requirements from governments and/or customers.

To cite just a few advantages, the MAP program:

  • Provides a comprehensive roadmap for implementing a Regulatory Compliance Management Process that can be integrated into your existing business processes, thereby containing your ongoing compliance costs
  • Provides the first viable solution that truly addresses the complexity of collecting data in AEM members’ very deep supply chains, discussed in the last article in this series
  • Goes well beyond the spreadsheets, Supplier Declarations of Conformity (SDoCs) and other past, piecemeal compliance solutions that were the best available, but very limited and labor intensive.
  • Incorporates the most flexible third-party data-collection infrastructure, (CDX from HPE) that allows you to simultaneously comply with multiple regulations; meet the requirements from future laws; and re-purpose your substance data for sales, marketing, and product end-of-life opportunities
  • Offers current and future online training that will be free or affordable for every company in your supply chain
  • Protects your confidential business information, while allowing for compliance substance-data updates
  • Incents your suppliers to send you substance data via CDX, because they can also use this data to send to their other customers in other industries -  regardless of the specific data-collection system their other customers use -  creating a tremendous supply chain labor and cost savings

Furthermore, AEM will continue to generate articles, white papers, summits and other means by which your company can learn about - and tailor - the compliance steps it needs to take.

Finally, on behalf of its members, AEM has negotiated a favorable CDX pricing structure to help your company contain its compliance costs.

Future articles in this series will address aspects of the MAP program in greater detail.

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