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As 2017 winds down, and AEM and its members look forward to 2018, here are some of the most-read articles of the year: 

  • Five Ways Thinking Like a Farmer Can Solve Workforce Challenges -- In an industry that thrives on the talent of its sales force, how is it that so many employers seem to struggle with selling manufacturing to potential employees as a great career option? In this article, Rusty McCarty, CEO of CustomEd, a nonprofit educational organization that provides customized educational programming for a wide variety of cause-based initiatives, says actually solving the complex problem that is the skilled worker shortage is quite simple: the employer of today needs to "think" like a farmer," planting the seeds now that will bloom into tomorrow's crop of laborers.
  • Industry Must Take Ownership of Skilled Worker Shortage -- Manufacturers need to completely overhaul and revamp their approach toward employee recruitment and retention. Furthermore, they need to be willing and able to ask themselves tough questions about their culture and how it is potentially being perceived by the workforce of tomorrow. In this article, Jeremy Bout, producer and host of Edge Factor, a show that employs media to tell stories of innovative manufacturing teams working together to design and build products that impact lives, urges manufacturers to ask themselves tough questions about their respective businesses and the industry as a whole, and how they are being perceived by the workforce of tomorrow.
  • Husco CEO's Year In White House Ignites Passion For Policy Reform -- Profiled in this article is Austin Ramirez, president and CEO of HUSCO International, an AEM member for 30 years. Ramirez undertook a year-long sabbatical in the summer of 2016 to serve as a White House Fellow. While his time in Washington D.C. took him away from his role at the helm of his company, it gave him the opportunity to reaffirm his passion for advocating for impactful policy solutions and the elected leaders who develop them.
  • VIDEO: Bob Vermeer -- Leadership Isn't Something We Give to Others -- According to Bob Vermeer, chair emeritus for Vermeer Corporation, leadership isn’t something given to others at a certain career stage. It’s something others give, sometimes over the course of a lifetime, sometimes in a moment. And, as Vermeer explains in this article, whether someone is developing an entire manufacturing workforce or a single customer solution, his experience is that leadership is granted when we stay humble and empower others to uncover the best solutions.
  • Taking Mixed-Reality Technology From Novelty to Utility -- Microsoft is hard at work to help corporate partners conceive of and implement practical uses for its HoloLens mixed reality technology, which could change the way business is done across a number of industries—including equipment manufacturing. This article details a first-hand experience of trying out the HoloLens, and it explains why manufacturers shouldn't view mixed reality as the latest technological gimmick, but rather the next step in the evolution of how people interact with computers.

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