IV2050 finalists are headed to Las VegasBy Kate Fox Wood, Campaign Director, Infrastructure Vision 2050

There has been a lot of talk about infrastructure over the past month in the halls of Congress and at the White House. AEM will bring that conversation to attendees at CONEXPO-CON/AGG & IFPE 2017 by showcasing five future-looking transportation concepts from the Infrastructure Vision 2050 Challenge.

Last week, AEM announced the five finalists in the “Build” phase of the incentivized competition, which was launched one year ago to solicit groundbreaking ideas and solutions that address some of the principle challenges facing the country’s infrastructure.

The "Build" phase, the third and final phase of the competition, specifically solicited ideas for how to create a transportation system for the United States that will meet the needs of all users in the year 2050 and beyond. 

After a year of ideating, the five “Build” phase finalists are:

  • Micheal Ahimbisibwe, Kampala, Uganda – Direct Drive System: An intelligible road infrastructure concept
  • Baiyu Chen & Anthony Barrs, Berkeley, California – Hyperlane: A convergence of two transportation modes: the car and the train
  • Kevin Lu, Oakland, California  – Beyond Static Pavement: A unique approach that adapts highways to fit 10x more cars for one percent of the costs
  • Jeremy Martinez, Los Angeles, California – Monorail 2050: Monorail trains that efficiently connect transit hubs hosting retail and residential spaces
  • Peter Muller, Franktown, Colorado – Transportation Infrastructure Reinvented: A network of lightweight guideways that interconnect small stations, loading/offloading facilities and streets

All five finalists will compete for cash prizes during a live finale event at CONEXPO-CON/AGG & IFPE 2017 in Las Vegas. The finale will be held in the Tech Talks auditorium in the Tech Experience starting at 9:30 a.m. on March 8. Competitors will pitch their transportation concepts to a panel of three judges with technology, infrastructure and transportation backgrounds.

Attendees at CONEXPO-CON/AGG & IFPE 2017 will get to see these final submissions on display throughout the week and vote for their favorite at two locations: at the AEM booth in the Grand Lobby located between North and Central Hall and within the new Tech Experience’s What’s Next: Infrastructure zone.

Michael, Baiyu, Anthony, Kevin, Jeremy and Peter are enthusiastic about attending CONEXPO-CON/AGG & IFPE 2017 and are excited to showcase their future visions for United States infrastructure. Like show attendees, they are coming from all parts of the country and the globe to advance the conversation around what is next for infrastructure. This opportunity to highlight some of the latest ideas in infrastructure at the show is part of AEM’s larger goal to position equipment manufacturers as thought leaders in this space and provide a platform for new ideas to surface.

I hope you will join me in giving the Infrastructure Vision 2050 Challenge finalists and their breakthrough ideas a warm Las Vegas welcome.