ISOBUS MarketingKey steps a company can take to better market ISOBUS products to its customers will be the focus of an Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) Conference Day event slated for Wednesday, May 10 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Embassy Suites in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The event is geared toward product marketing managers and other individuals within a company who are involved with marketing ISOBUS products, and who possess a limited knowledge of the AEF and its activities designed to improve the acceptance and use of ISOBUS for manufacturers, dealers and farmers.

Attendees can look forward to the following topics being covered in detail at the upcoming event, among others:

  1. What ISO11783 is

  2. Why the AEF was formed

  3. What the AEF ISOBUS functionalities are

  4. How to use the AEF ISOBUS database

  5. What the AEF certification is and how to certify products

The conference day event agenda also includes an overview of the AEF, up-to-date information on the AEF ISOBUS Conformance Test, as well as a demonstration of the test.

In addition, coffee breaks and a scheduled lunch will offer participants considerable time to network with one another and discuss key takeaways from the day’s proceedings.

Attendees will also be afforded the added benefit of being able to visit the AEF Spring Plugfest at the same location. Also scheduled to be held at the Embassy Suites in Lincoln, the AEF Spring Plugfest offers participants a chance to see the systems of many ag manufacturers and suppliers being tested throughout the day.

Registration for the AEF Conference Day event is open through the end of April. To sign up, visit or contact the AEF office via email at

For more information on AEF, contact AEM Technical Director Mark Benishek (, tel: 414-298-4118).