Precision ConstructionIn a special promotion, AEM members will be able to download a free copy of Dr. Timothy Chou’s new book, Precision Construction: Principles, Practices and Solutions for the Internet of Things in Construction.

Precision Construction introduces readers to Internet of Things (IoT) fundamentals with a construction industry focus, providing a vendor-neutral, acronym-free framework for understanding IoT. Illustrated through nine real-world case studies, Precision Construction describes how IoT and emerging technologies like augmented reality and robotics are improving business for contractors, rental agencies, manufacturers and suppliers.

“The Internet of Things makes it possible for equipment manufacturers to shift from selling products to selling services based on those products,” said Dr. Chou.

Dr. Chou is a leader in the third generation of enterprise software, a computer science lecturer at Stanford University, the former President of Oracle on Demand, a technology consultant and an investor in emerging technology. Many AEM members may already be familiar with Dr. Chou, who partnered with AEM to present an executive business model workshop and was featured in an episode of the AEM Thinking Forward Podcast.

Co-authored by A. Vincent Vasquez, the book also taps into expertise from AEM members like Guru Bandekar and Sam Hassan, along with a dozen other construction industry insiders.

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