Do you have equipment industry knowledge and expertise to share with your peers? Want to help create programs and develop initiatives that support the future of AEM? Looking to voice your thoughts on issues affecting your company and others?

Industry leaders are encouraged to share their time and talents and serve on AEM board-level committees. Nominations are due Nov. 1, so learn more and self-nominate now. In addition, in an effort to aid in the recruitment of volunteers, AEM is pleased to announce the implementation of a more formalized selection and onboarding process.

“Member company input and direction are crucial to ensuring AEM continues to build momentum for our industry,” said AEM Vice President of Marketing and Communications Nicole Hallada. “In establishing a more formalized process, we can more effectively fill positions on board-level committees that ultimately guide and direct the activities of AEM leadership and staff.”

The newly implemented process serves to help AEM solicit volunteers, review potential candidates and select representatives to fill board-level committee positions. Driven by member feedback, the formalized volunteer process serves to help standardize the selection process for all of AEM’s board-level committees. In addition, it helps everyone – from AEM volunteers to staff liaisons – understand the process in place, as well as ensure the volunteers who are selected find the committees that are the best fit for their skills, expertise and experience.

Expressing Interest

Are you interested in serving on an AEM board-level committee? Be sure to:

Forming the Committee

AEM committee liaisons will be notified of your volunteer interest via email, they will acknowledge receipt of your submission, and they will also inform you about:

  • Relevant details related to the selection process and criteria
  • When you should expect to hear back about filling the position


Those nominees who are ultimately selected should be notified of their acceptance by Nov. 15, in addition to being provided with:

  • A full committee roster
  • Additional information regarding roles and responsibilities
  • Term limits
  • Minutes from the latest committee meeting

Those who meet the criteria – but aren’t selected – can also expect to be notified, and their submission will be kept in a pool of potential candidates for potential inclusion at a later date. Meanwhile, those who don’t meet the criteria will be encouraged to get involved in AEM in some other way. Lastly, those committee members whose service time is up will be sent a notification thanking them for their efforts and contributions.

“At AEM, we are committed to our mission of providing the association’s members with quality service, expertise and support to promote our industry,” said AEM President Dennis Slater. “Through our advocacy work, exhibitions, market intelligence, product groups, thought leadership and more, we're helping our members win in the marketplace in 2019 and beyond.”

For more information on AEM’s new formalized process for volunteering, contact AEM’s Nicole Hallada at

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